Dance Health Benefits

The Better Health Channel from the State Government of Victoria in Australia put out this article on dance health benefits.  It outlines the basics: dance is good for you mentally and physically, it is fun, and humans have been doing it forever!

The dance health benefits for us at First Dance Vancouver range from better concentration, sharper problem solving skills,  to greater coordination, more flexibility, and increased confidence. Although now we have branched into choreographing, teaching and running a business, we are dancers first and foremost, and it was these benefits that made us want to dance in the first place! Maybe we didn’t know it consciously, or maybe our parents saw the benefits for us before we did and put us into little tot ballet at the community centre. Either way, we danced and we felt good.

Dance is unique because it is simultaneously an expressive art form and a way to exercise. Dancing challenges your brain and body, it lifts you up and brings you connection with others.

Need some more convincing? Here is the link to the Better Health Channel:

Grunge party

Don’t let fear stop you from trying a class and reaping those dance health benefits. There is a different dance style for everyone! Check out our blog post featuring a Dance Personality Quiz that can help you get started on your journey through dance! Contact us for any questions you have on dance, dance classes and dance entertainment! We would be happy to talk to you.

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