Dance models

Dance lends itself nicely to fashion. Dancers know how to hold their bodies, they are aware of their audience, they are tactile, expressive and creative. Dance models have been popping up all over, from Eco-Fashion week here in Vancouver to this video we found on a global culture platform that since its launch in 2010, has premiered more than 1200 high end culture experiences online.

Louis Vutton, Kenzo, La Perla, Maison Martin Margiela and Bottega Veneta. These are the designers who clothed a group of dancers from Sadler’s Wells in the motion-touch enabled short “Mine” by film making duo Tell No One. The video isn’t a blatant advertisement, it is a bright, fresh, graceful romp with beautiful dancers chasing each other for perfectly cut clothing. It works! The best part is that with the motion-touch feature, you can click on the items of clothing the dance models are wearing, pause the video and find out more about the item. Nicely slid that “shoppable” part in eh? The thing is as a watcher I feel satisfied because whether I am being brainwashed into coveting the clothes or not, at least I got to watch an artistic, tasteful piece of film.

Essentially the dance models lulled me into submission. Like fem-bots. Proving they work like a charm.