Dance Personality Quiz

This Dance Personality Quiz told me I should Ballroom Dance, which is interesting because I have never even tried it, but have always wanted to. Here was the quiz’s reasoning:

“You strongly appreciate beauty. So much in this world is exquisite to you. You believe in living in the present. There’s nothing but the here and now. You are conventional and traditional. You don’t feel a need to change what works. You are a simply happy person. You feel fortunate to have so much light and laughter in your life.”

Well that is just nice.

It can be daunting to decide what style of dance to try and if you don’t have any idea where to start…start with this dance personality quiz! Even if it comes up with an idea that you end up rejecting, the questions will help you to probe at the different things you are looking for in a dance style. Why do you want to dance? How do you want to dance? What kind of music stirs you? How do you live your life?

At First Dance Vancouver, we believe that how you dance is an extension of how you live, and we encourage everyone we meeting to seek the answers to these questions.

Here is the dance personality quiz! Have fun!

PS: Here is a photo of me dancing with Kyle Toy at First Dance Vancouver’s January photo shoot. Looks pretty ballroom to me!