DANCEPL3Y: Interview with Melanie Guertin

The countdown to First Dance Vancouver’s Dance Lover Workshop: December Edition begins today! We will be posting about some of the styles of dance being hosted December 22nd/23rd and December 29th/30th at the Scotiabank Dance Centre! Check out what our experts have to say…


DANCEPL3Y: Interview with Melanie Guertin

Melanie is the program director of DANCEPL3Y (click for website and video!) and sat down with us last week to give us some insight on what makes this dance fitness sensation so rad!


FDV:  What is DANCEPL3Y?

MG:  DANCEPL3Y is a mixed style dance class that uses a playful and interactive approach to teaching dance.


FDV:  What do participants do in a DANCEPL3Y class?

MG:  They participate in a fun warmup and learn simple moves from a mix of styles like hip hop, latin and jazz. Everything is high energy and fun!


FDV: Where do the moves come from?

MG:  The moves are inspired by pop culture, music videos, basic movement skills, a desire to get participants to interact with each other, and try something new, different and challenging.


FDV:  How is DANCEPL3Y similar to other dance fitness classes? How is it different?

MG:  Similarities = learning simple moves and routines so that everyone can feel like an awesome dancer.

Differences = DANCEPL3Y has no single spot in the room, participants work together to create sweet dance shapes and move through space so they can bust a move without copying the instructor.


FDV:  Who are DANCEPL3Y classes for?

MG:  Anyone who is interested by dance. Beginners and seasoned dancers wanting to try different styles. Women mid 20s-50s.  DANCEPL3Y offers Kids Programs as well!


FDV:  Who teaches DANCEPL3Y?

MG:  Instructors trained over the course of an intensive weekend, who have completed practicum hours, learned how to break down choreography and been assessed on creating a positive environment in the room where everyone can feel successful.


FDV:  Where can one find DANCEPL3Y classes?

MG:  Throughout Vancouver and the North Shore, Ontario, Australia and Ireland.


FDV:  What reservations do people express about taking a DANCEPL3Y class and what can you say to calm those fears?

MG:  The hesitations people have are that they think they can’t dance or are worried about what they look like when they dance. What I say to that is that DANCEPL3Y is built for them! It is made for them, and we aim to create a positive climate where there is no right foot or left foot! Everyone just gets to bust a move and have fun!


Check out First Dance Vancouver’s DANCEPL3Y class Mondays December 22nd and 29th from 5pm-6pm