Kevin Bacon Dances

If you haven’t seen this video from the Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon, please take a minute to watch it. In it, Jimmy announces that dancing has been outlawed on the Tonight show and Kevin Bacon, who is the next guest, is not impressed. So Kevin Bacon dances.

If you haven’t seen the classic 80s movie Footloose in which dancing is outlawed or the remake from a couple of years back or at least know the general plot of the film…then I don’t know why you are even reading this post…just kidding! But seriously I don’t understand you. Jimmy Fallon’s sketch was made for the 30th Anniversary of the movie Footloose, and it sure does it justice:  music, angst, tight jeans, white wife beaters, converse sneakers and all. And don’t forget the prom scene where it turns out that everyone in the high school, despite having had to hide their dancing from the authorities, magically is able to dance perfectly in sync. I wanted my prom to be exactly like that scene. Ya the Tonight show does that too. And Kevin Bacon dances.

Kevin Bacon’s Footloose Entrance on the Tonight show:

Really what WOULD we do if dancing was outlawed? The whole industry would be driven underground, people would open up dance halls hidden in their basements, we would be driving across the border to Point Roberts to bust a move…just putting it out there, if dancing were ever outlawed, we at First Dance Vancouver would still find a way to get you moving!