We put you in the spotlight: Arthur and Elsa’s First Dance

One of our main services at First Dance Vancouver is choreographed First Dances for couples tying the knot. We find the experience of teaching couples during this special time to be an honor, a privilege and incredibly inspiring. But what is it like for the couple? We asked Arthur and Elsa, one of our clients who recently got married in Mexico, some questions about what their experience was like…

FDV: How did you two meet?

We very first met when we attended a summer camp at age 9. Neither of us remember but we have a common friend that vouched we were in the same camp! We met again when we attended the same high school and were in a lot of classes together but somehow we never crossed paths until Grade 10. We were in Jazz band together and we both sat in the trumpet section.

Arthur found out that Elsa was a smart and hardworking girl and he would purposely ask Elsa to partner up with him for group projects in other classes since he knew she would make sure the work got done!

When we got to know each other more, we found that we enjoyed a lot of the same activities together (such as tennis, snowboarding, bowling, and watching movies). We started hanging out with each other almost every day over the summer of 1999.

Arthur and Elsa were close friends for a year before Arthur asked Elsa to be his girlfriend on January 1, 2000.

FDV: What is the thing you love the most about your partner?

Elsa: Arthur is really laid back kind of guy. His demeanor helps calm me down.

Arthur: Elsa is very thorough in everything she does. If you give her to complete a task she will get the job done 110%. I can always count on her.

 FDV: Why did you decide to have a first dance choreographed?

Arthur: It was really Elsa’s idea to have the dance choreographed. Elsa loves anything that is away from the ordinary, exciting and fun. She convinced me that a wedding dance should be more memorable than just a “hip huggin” high school dance.

FDV: How has the process been for the two of you? What did you enjoy? What did you find challenging?

Arthur: The best part of this whole process is that we got to try something different. Elsa has been going to dance classes for a while now so she can imagine herself doing this dance routine without too much problem. On the other hand, I just started dance classes and it has definitely been a bigger challenge for me to learn the dance routine. Overall, we are proud of what we have accomplished. We enjoyed the dance moves: it was intricate but simple enough for beginners to learn. The turns, the lifts, the side by side hip hop was more than what we imagined we could have done. The most challenging part was getting the timing right. In the beginning we tried hard to match the dance moves to the lyrics of the song. However, we found as you learn the routine better, you only need to make sure you are on time for certain transitions in the song. The timing comes naturally when you have the dance moves memorized.

Elsa: Our first dance experience had its ups and downs. We debated over the smallest details, we practiced one part of the dance only to forget what we had practiced before. At times it was very frustrating and we felt as if we would never get it; that nothing was going right. But as practice makes perfect, we just stuck to practicing and it turned out awesome! At the end we were very proud of ourselves and we pulled it off wonderfully.

FDV: Would you recommend this service to others?

We would recommend this service to anyone who wants to try something new and who wants to show off to their families and friends. It is also a great test for the partnership chemistry between you and your soon-to-be spouse. It surely tested ours during practices, but we came to learn, trust and understand each other better through this dance.

FDV: What words would you use to describe the last few months spent working on your first dance?

Frustrating, Challenging, PROUD, EXCITING, AWESOME, FUN, TRUST.

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