Flash Mob Proposal

We found the cutest Flash Mob Proposal ever set to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”. It is so adorable we almost can’t stand it! Fun, fresh, and downright magical, this Flash Mob Proposal inspires us to make your next dance super romantic!

Trying to think of ideas for your marriage proposal? Trying to think of a way to say what you can’t put into words? Want your proposal to be different, stand out? Do you want your proposal to include family and friends close to you and your partner? A Flash Mob Proposal is a great way to say what you can’t in words, to make the event memorable and to have all your loved ones involved! And once the Flash Mob is performed, it can live on as a video to be watched with your children, and to be shared with others.

We at First Dance Vancouver suggest choosing a song for your Flash Mob Proposal that is bright and fun, that is positive and most importantly means something to you and your partner. Even if it may not be your favourite song, make sure it is a song that your partner (who you are surprising) will love. Next, round up at least 10 family members and friends who would be interested in being in on the big secret. The more people you can surprise your partner with, the better!

The next step would be to choose a location for your Flash Mob Proposal. A public space works best for the element of surprise, but you will need to liaise with whoever owns or runs the space, or the city if it is a public space. Sound will have to be taken into consideration as well, since you want the music loud enough that it can be heard.

The third step is to choreograph the Flash Mob Proposal. Start with the strongest dancers first. Just one or two of them for the first verse of the song, then in the chorus, bring on about five more. by the second verse, there should be ten people or more dancing and by the end, it should seem like everyone around you is dancing the choreography! Bonus points if you can film the choreography beforehand and send it out on the internet to 5o plus people to learn so that you can really have a mob!

At First Dance Vancouver we specialize in this kind of event: bringing dance into the special events of an everyday life. We put you in the spotlight and make dance for all occasions. Come to us with your Flash Mob Proposal idea at any point in the journey and we will make sure it goes off without a hitch!

Check out this Flash Mob Proposal video for inspiration!