Holiday Parties

The season of holiday parties is upon us! How many holiday parties will you be attending this year? How many hesitant party goers will you need to get loose and enjoying themselves? How are you going to entertain them, keep them from leaving, keep them from breaking the bar budget and having a winter ruckus break out?

We have done a bit of research on corporate holiday parties and it seems that most successful events over the holiday season do well with a theme. A theme ties events together, creates memorable experiences and can support the goals of the event in a creative and effective way. In the case of holiday parties, the goal is to make folks happy, fill them with an inspiring vision, and give them purpose. The idea is to get people to celebrate together and work together in a more cooperative and enjoyable way. Holiday parties ideally create buzz in the office for weeks before they take place and are talked about for weeks after. Having a theme can help with this.

Everyone feels a bit of nostalgia around the holidays so why not throw a Winter Formal Dance corporate event? Take everyone back to that last year in high school, with corsages, formal dresses, suits and of course…punch. Get a band that plays all the classics, a disco ball and a photographer to take Polaroid photos at the entrance! Think people might need some help getting out on the dance floor? Plant some of our professional dancers in the crowd for an impromptu dance performance and crowd pleasing dance lesson. They’ll get folks moving¬†just like in that scene at the end of Footloose.

Another way to play on the nostalgia factor at your holiday parties this season is the good old Pick Your Favourite Decade theme. Depending on the age of your attendees there is bound to be a decade or two that will inspire them to play along. Got a bunch of disco babies? Flower children? Material girls? Choose the decade that best represents your guests and then go all out. People will really appreciate being able to re-live their favourite fashions, songs and decor from another time.

Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby, in its art deco, ornate style, is still a great¬†inspiration for galas, weddings, and holiday events. For a little extravagance, go with this theme and shower your venue with fringed dresses, feathers, chandeliers and champagne. Hire some Masquerade Dancers, circus acts and singers to make sure the evening won’t be forgotten.

Need some more ideas for holiday parties? We’ve got tons! Here are just a few:

-Santa’s Little Helpers (Mean Girls style. Stiletto black boots, Jingle Bell Rock, Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

-Ugly Sweater (Value Village is your friend)

-Tropical (Pretend you’re at an all-inclusive resort in…anywhere but the Pacific Northwest)

-Red Carpet (Everyone is a celebrity for the evening)



(Dancers Kara Nolte and Jessica Ames – Photography by Danaea Li Davies)

First Dance Vancouver has dancers for hire at some special prices this season! Check them out and let us help make your event memorable!

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