How to create a successful Flash Mob

Have you ever thought that it would be amazing if people burst into spontaneous synchronized movement in public? Have you ever thought that it would be great if this could happen on cue, at an event you’re hosting? Do you want to toe the line between structured and impromptu entertainment? It happens in scenes from movies, so why not in real life?

Enter: a new kind of flash mob. A flash mob that caters to your event, that blends in, surprises, delights and excites. A flash mob that energizes rather than invades, a flash mob that includes and collaborates. A flash mob that supports your vision.

You don’t need a lot of space or time out of your event. What you do need is a professional choreographer: someone who knows how to string movements together in an effective way that is simple and powerful. This choreographer also needs to know how to manage other dancers, how to rehearse them, and connect the dots so that they can show up without raising any alarms amongst the crowd before busting a move.

Next, you need to choose a song. The song should pop, it should be recognizable by the crowd you have at your event. Choose a song that is familiar, fun and inclusive. You want people to feel a part of the flash mob even if they are just mouthing the words to the song. If you have a musician or a DJ playing music, include them in the flash mob. Choose a song that is in their repertoire that they can spin or play so that it flows seamlessly from a regular song into instant flash mob. Make sure it is the same tempo and version of the song as the one the choreographer is rehearsing the dancers with. Optimally, have the choreographer and person in charge of music meet so that they can be on the same page.

Let the choreographer arrange the dance. They will deal with rounding up capable performers, getting a practice space, sending out videos with moves, making up the steps, teaching them to the performers. They will need to know how much space they can expect to have, what to wear to blend in, when to arrive, and what the style of the event is so that they can coach their performers for maximum surprise effect.

Say nothing to anyone. Keep it all on the down low. Let the dancing portion of the night begin, let the DJ play, strike up the band! After three or four songs is a good time to have the dance flash mob occur. The performers will start out, just one at first usually to catch people off guard. Then another will join the first one, and slowly your guests will realize that these performers are dancing together. Your guests will move aside, and they won’t know what to expect! Less than three minutes later the space will be animated with seamless, powerful entertainers and the energy off the dance floor will be electric.

The sign of a truly great flash mob is when your guests join in! During the flash mob, at the end, adding their own contribution to the entertainment! This is the point: to bring people together, to get them celebrating each other and get them interacting so that your event is memorable.

Check out First Dance Vancouver’s recent collaboration with Filosophi Events’ Vancouver Wedding Industry Meetup at Loungeworks. This “Uptown Funk” flash mob was choreographed by DANCEPL3Y, presented by First Dance Vancouver, and the live music was provided by Side One Band. The fabulous video was captured by Mark Halliday at Moonrider Productions. (Another tip for flash mobs: get it on film! These things live forever on the internet!)

Uptown Funk Flash Mob

First Dance Vancouver now has a Flash Mob Dance Troupe, meeting regularly, getting moves ready for your event! Open to anyone who wants to take part! Contact us if you want to be a part of the Flash Mob Dance Troupe, or have us perform at your next event!