List of Best Dance Films

Here is our list of dance films that get us stoked about busting a move!

Center Stage

Ballet students at the “best dance school in the country” struggle with different aspects of their tough training and figure out how to dance the way they want to. Features principal dancers from the American Ballet Theatre.

Save the Last Dance

High school student played by Julia Stiles gives up dance when her mother dies and is encouraged to start again when she falls for a guy at her new school.


80s leotards and big hair. She is a welder and she’s a maniac.


The little town that banned dancing gets a turnaround when bad boy with wicked moves Kevin Bacon steals the heart of the preacher’s daughter.

Step Up

When I fell in love with Channing Tatum. He vandalizes a performing arts school and ends up with the chance to dance with the top dancer.

Dirty Dancing

Nobody puts Baby in a corner. Watch the last scene over and over and over. Set in the 60s with 80s charm.

West Side Story

Effortless dancing, classic story, not to be missed.

Billy Elliot

The sweetest story ever of a little boy who wants to be a ballet dancer, against his coal-mining father’s wishes. Thick accents and second hand smoke warning.

Magic Mike

Matthew McConaughey gets super honorable mention for this. It is sick in the best way possible.

The Company

Canadian Neve Campbell stars in this film that stars Joffrey Ballet dancers and gives a behind the scenes look at life in a ballet company



Honorable mentions for our list of dance films

  • Frances Ha

Quirky film following a young apprentice dancer trying to make it and figure out her path. Not so much a dance movie as a rite of passage into adulthood movie but has some great dance moments

  • City Ballet on AOL

Sarah Jessica Parker narrates and produces this behind the scenes docudrama on New York City Ballet. Episodes are less than ten minutes each for those of us with short attention spans.