Magical Parties

What are magical parties? What makes an event stay with you? Is it the people, the music, the drinks, the entertainment, the shenanigans…? There is a special cocktail of ingredients that go into bringing an event from pleasant to magical. Magical parties get talked about for at least a year after they occur. Magical parties seem elusive: for a moment they were there, and now…not. Magical parties replay in your mind like a music video. Magical parties are more than a Facebook event and Instagram photos. Magical parties bring people together and guide them through an experience they won’t forget.

The following is a fantastic breakdown of the “feelings” that make event magic happen, looking at the psychology of events and how to bring an event from simply ordinary to completely memorable and enjoyable. The videos are the best!

Five Feelings that Make the Event Magic Happen


Random Bonus…

For a playlist of different songs with the word magic in them to have on while you contemplate your next magical party, click on the following links:

Coldplay – Magic

B.O.B – Magic

Aly & A.J – Do You Believe in Magic

(shout outs to the magic show peeps: you know who you are!)


What kind of magical parties are you thinking of? We want to know! Drop us a line at




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