Planning Your Event

How can I plan a successful event?

Planning your event can be very an intimidating task! That’s why hiring us as entertainment can take a huge weight off your shoulders. We will make sure your event stands out no matter the context. To make sure your party becomes the talk of the town, here are a few things we need to know before our brainstorming session:

  • Where is your event located?
  • Who will attend ?
  • What is the theme?
  • What kind of ambiance are you looking for?
  • How long will you want our dancers to perform for?
  • Will there be a sound system on location, or would you like First Dance Vancouver to provide one?
  • Will you have a photographer and filmographer on site, or would you like First Dance Vancouver to bring our team of professionals?
  • Do you have a clear vision of what you want the costumes to look like?
  • What kind of impact are you going for?
  • Does the location you want to hold your event at require a permit of any sort?
  • Would you like us to partner up with a live music band?

Answering a few of these questions beforehand can facilitate the creation process. It will also allow us to create entertainment that will work with your theme or concept and truly make the event shine!