What to Wear to Dance Class

What to wear… from the bottom up.

We want you to feel confident and comfortable at your First Dance Vancouver classes. Read a few tips below to help you dress for your session:

Socks! This is an easy one to forget. Always bring a spare pair of socks—or suffer the consequences. Feet are prone to perspiration, so bring a pair of breathable sports socks in your favourite style. After class, peel them off and throw them in your handy dirty clothes bag. You don’t want to be stuck in soggy socks for the rest of the day!

Comfortable, supportive, lightweight shoes. Sneakers or runners are good. Too-thin soles can leave your feet pounding, but too-bulky shoes can be cumbersome. The best thing to do is to get your shoes properly fitted so that you have a shoe that works best for your foot, especially if you have a history of injury. If you have foot conditions (flat feet, high arches or bunions), you can benefit from a particular fit of shoe, and having that shoe will greatly enhance your enjoyment of dance class. In short: wear anything that keeps you pain free and moving with style! In Bachelorette Party Dance Classes, you have the option of wearing party heels.

Underwear. Another item we tend to forget with our change of clothes, but a fresh pair of underwear is nice to have so you can enjoy the afterglow rather than discomfort and regret. Choose underwear that doesn’t need to be “adjusted” while you’re dancing.

Stretchy, moveable pants. Pick any style you feel good in. Everyone has their favourite: leggings, flared pants, wide legs, cargo-style, capris and sweat pants all work. Wear shorts of any length if you heat up quick. Just make sure your pants aren’t too long for safety—you want your feet to be free of any fear of tripping so you can practice all your moves unfettered like the graceful dancer you are.

A comfortable top. If you’re wearing a tight top, make sure it’s stretchy and breathable. If you know you tend to sweat a lot and armpit stains gross you out, go with something sleeveless. We at First Dance Vancouver love sweating…as long as it is to music! Layers up top is a good option so that you can change as your body temperature rises and lowers throughout class. A zip-up hoodie, long sleeved shirt or sweat shirt is nice to have while you’re just warming up and during cooldown at the end of class. Ladies, don’t forget a supportive, well-fitted, comfortable sports bra.

Bachelorette Party Dance Classes: dress for your party, heels or no heels. This one is all about having fun in style. We recommend that you bring:

  • a hair tie, hair clips or head band. Keep that hair out of your face!
  • deodorant
  • foot spray
  • a water bottle full of water
  • an extra bag (plastic or cloth) where you can throw your danced-in dance clothes
  • a towel