Corporate Events

Make your professional events unforgettable!

Let us brighten your day through dance!

We provide professional dance entertainment for all kinds of corporate events: trade shows, conferences, team building activities, and health and wellness programs. We can also create flash mob choreography for promotions and team building and perform unique custom dance routines. Need lessons? No problem. We can teach large- or small-scale dance classes in any corporate setting.

We believe in the power of dance. Dance can be used for communication, expression, release, teamwork and confidence building. Why not get interactive at corporate events? Flash mobs and classes get your people learning, moving, practicing, and working with feedback. Whether you need a fun break in the day or want to show the world how well you can move, dance can help.

Bring us in once a week to teach a noon hour, heart pumping dance class, or have us teach a class for trade show attendees from the stage. Ask our stunning dancers to perform a virtuosic and powerful dance show after dinner at a conference. Or go a little mischevious and have the dance show perfectly themed with the topic of the key note speaker! Involve your staff or attendees in the chance to particpate in a surprise flash mob to encourage working together and create a feeling of anticipation for the event.

At First Dance Vancouver, we use dance to inject positivity into corporate events and get people excited, energized and ready to engage.

“We put you in the spotlight!”