Dance Lover Workshop

At First Dance Vancouver, everyone's a dancer!

 At First Dance Vancouver, we believe everyone is a dancer!

Welcoming dance classes into your daily life can have huge positive impacts on your mental health, your physical well-being, and your confidence. That’s why we offer a monthly “Dance Lover Weekend” workshop. Click here to read our fantastic blog on dance health benefits!

First Dance Vancouver ’s Yoga & Ballet Workshop is coming to visit iDance Vancouver!

Discover what Yoga and Ballet have in common, how they compliment each other and facilitate one another.
Start off the hour and a half workshop with a 45 MIN Vinyasa flow warm-up, where you will learn how your yoga practice can be a great tool to perfect your dance technique. This will help you familiarize yourself with the ideal core alignment while lengthening and strengthening key muscles that will be used in the 45 MIN-long ballet class that’s to follow.

No experience necessary.

Are you curious to find out about our classes or what to expect from them? Read our fabulous blogs on DANCEPLAY, Belly-dance, Contemporary and Floor Barre. We promise they will answer even the most obscure questions!

Our classes styles vary from ballet, to belly dancing, to jazz and even dance fitness. You name it, we teach it!  With us, it’s about style, not just technique. Our highly skilled instructors create a very comfortable, supportive and open-minded environments to let loose in. We make sure that our classes are friendly to dancers of all skill levels so nobody feels left out. We live by our belief that dance should be accessible to all who have the curiosity to try it. At First Dance Vancouver, we care to give every individual a fun and personal dance experience! Our Dance Lover Weekends are currently held in the stunning studios of the Scotiabank Dance Centre. Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, they are easily accessible by car or transit. Our workshops are eight classes in total and you have the option of taking the whole weekend or individual classes.

“We put you in the spotlight!”