A spiritual tango passion

At First Dance Vancouver, dance is our passion. It fills us up and benefits us in many ways physically and mentally. But there are many cases in which dance can fill the dancer up spiritually!

In December, Douglas Todd from the Vancouver Sun’s “The Search” published this post entitled God, flesh and the tango. http://blogs.vancouversun.com/2013/12/12/christianity-flesh-and-the-tango/

The post is about a Vancouver woman named Sandra Vander Schaff who wrote a book called Passionate Embrace: Faith, Flesh, Tango. It is about her real experience of beginning lessons and discovering much more than she bargained for: a passion that comes very close to something we may call a spiritual tango practice.

Her website/blog is found at http://passionateembrace.ca/ It is dedicated to “the artful exploration of Argentine tango as a spiritual practice” and provides more information on the book, the artist and dozens of beautiful photos of people connecting through this sensual dance.

Douglas Todd also posted a few years back on the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who found a sacred practice in dance. Nietzsche claimed that “I would only believe in a God that knows how to dance” and danced every day as his “divine service”. http://blogs.vancouversun.com/2010/12/11/why-did-nietzsche-love-to-dance/

Whatever you call it, we know that dance has a powerful impact on all who practice it, and we are honored to share that practice with you every day!