Wedding Songs

Weddings need good songs for a good dance party. Picking good wedding songs that people recognize, that help people loosen up and have a good time at your wedding (without breaking the bar budget) makes a big difference! Your guests will enjoy themselves more if the wedding songs you choose make them feel comfortable busting out their best moves. Dancing at a wedding creates fun memories for all. At First Dance Vancouver, we want to maximize your fun!

We have all been to weddings that fell short in the wedding songs department. Whether they played songs that were too obscure, that didn’t span the generations enough, that had too slow of a beat or didn’t have enough energy, they failed to make a dance party happen. These are the key factors in making a wedding songs playlist: the songs need to be recognizable, they need to appeal to all ages, and they need to have the right tempo. Of course, some of the wedding songs you play can only hit two of these three requirements: when you play Lady Gaga the grandparents hit the bathroom, and when you play a slow love song the singles hit the bar!

Classic rock, pop, country, bluegrass, jazz…all of these genres make for good wedding songs. Pick and choose to fit your unique personality and taste but remember this party is for everyone, and the more fun the guests have the more fun you will have! Don’t be afraid to go a little cheesey and a lot nostalgic. Everyone remembers the songs they grew up to and it doubles the fun factor and the comfortable factor to have some retro moves to go with the retro wedding songs. Whether you are going with live music or a DJ the best rule with wedding songs is to find a balance. Sure, throw in some heavy metal but then make sure to balance out with some Frank Sinatra! That is what a wedding is all about, two worlds coming together and making a beautful new one.


Check out this link for a list of the 20 most requested wedding dance songs of 2013!

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